Different Types of Software for Event Planning

For the last decade, there have been different event management solutions that took the limelight for their efficiency and ability to help event planners with their work. If you are an event planner yourself, you must be thinking of adopting technology for your future events. This should come naturally, especially that there’s so much emphasis going on today about event tech. Here are three types of complete event planning tools that you may be interested to invest in:

  1. Event Management Software

This is the most common type of software that many event agencies are using for their events. The reason is that it automates and streamlines various processes found in the event lifecycle from event website creation, registration, ticketing, networking, and emailing among many others. It makes a lot of sense that this software is in high demand because it allows event organisers and their associated teams to work on different areas using only one software. For example, the event marketing team can use emailing features; the sales team can generate ticket sales reports; and the logistics team can upload the floor map of the venue to the event website.

The event planner software practically allows different teams to work from the same platform. This improves communication and the overall productivity of event organisers.

  1. Tasks Management Software

This type of software is somehow related to the event management software. Its major distinction is that it touches on processes that can’t really be seen by the attendees of an event. A task management software, as the name stands for, is a project management tool that would allow all members of an organising team to manage their tasks. This tool may have technical components such as checklists, process trees, etc. It allows your team to work more effectively from the background as opposed to an event management software where almost all components of the dashboard can be appreciated via the event website.

  1. Venues Management Software

The venue management software is the third and last type of software that will be covered in this post. This type of software is designed for event managers who are venue specialists at the same time. As a good example, professionals who would need this type of software are hotel managers and venue space managers. The software basically gives way for the public to reserve a venue and make specific requests for an event such as catering, tables, projectors, and decorations.

If you would like to read more about a special type of event management software for conferences, research about the conference management software.